Electrical / Electronic


Oak Presses are used in a variety of electrical and electronic component manufacturing applications. The multi-point guidance systems provide superior slide accuracy and dynamically balanced slide minimizes vibrations.

LP Series: 30-300 tons, Speeds up to 400 SPM
PP-1A Series: 45 tons, Speeds up to 1000 SPM
SS Series: 30-60 tons, Speeds up to 1500 SPM


All Oak presses feature heavy duty cast iron frame construction for superior attenuation of shock and vibration.


All Oak presses incorporate multi-point slide guidance systems with preloaded roller bearing assemblies. This configuration not only maximizes accuracy, but it also tolerates greater off center loads than most press designs.

Thermal Control

The SS Series and high speed PP-1A series incorporate thermal control systems to ensure BDC repeatability.

Tooling Access

  • Oak Presses offer up to 12” on withdrawal (quick lift) which greatly simplifies:
    • Tool Maintenance and Cleaning
    • Material Lacing
    • Removing Material jambs.
    • Stuck-on-bottom recovery.