Oak Presses are the industry standard in the HVAC market where large progressive tools are used to make the air conditioner “fins”. In addition to fin production, Oak presses can also be used to make the "end sheets" for the heat exchanger coils.

FP-1A Series: 30 tons, Speeds up to 400 SPM

FP-2B Series: 60 tons, Speeds up to 400 SPM
FP-1100 / 1400 Series: 120-160 tons, Speeds up to 400 SPM


Oak presses feature large die areas, superior slide guidance and heavy duty cast iron frame construction for superior adaptability, accuracy and attenuation of shock and vibration.


  • The four (4) point connection system on the FP-1100 / 1400 Series provides the following benefits:
    • Greatly increased off-center loading capacity. (simplify tooling designs)
    • Capacity to run large progressive tools in either direction. (F-B or L-R)
    • Evenly distributed punching force across entire slide face.
  • The patented Scotch Yoke slide of the FP-2 series press includes a total of twelve (12) preloaded roller bearing assemblies.
    • Eight (8) bearing assemblies are installed near the material pass line to ensure the lateral positioning of the slide.
    • Four (4) additional bearing assemblies are installed above the drive shaft to counteract the effects of tipping forces created by tooling.

Hydraulic Withdrawal          web-video-icon.png - 3.48 Kb

  • Oak presses provides up to 12 inches of slide lift which greatly simplifies.
    • Material Lacing. (you can open die area without effecting shut height settings)
    • Tooling Inspection & Maintenance.
    • Replace tooling sections without removing die from press. (less downtime)

“Stuck-on-bottom” recovery:

  • Powerful hydraulic withdrawal system can "unstick" even severe jambs.
  • No need to “bar” the press, reverse the drive motor, or loosen tie rods.
  • Recover from slide stalls in seconds instead of hours.