SS Series


Two-Point Straight Side Press

30 to 60 Tons

Speeds up to 1500 SPM

The SS series super-speed, precision press from OAK can be used in a wide variety of high speed applications. The stress-relieved cast bed, crown and slide assure superior vibration dampening compared to welded structures. The SS series dynamically balanced slide is driven by a two-point precision eccentric shaft and guided by a 12-point, zero-clearance anti-friction roller bearing system.

Design Features

Guide System

The 12-point guidance systems incorporate anti-friction roller bearings installed with zero clearance. This gives the slide a very high degree of accuracy for higher quality parts and longer tool life.

Hydraulic Withdrawal           web-video-icon.png - 3.48 Kb

The patented system will give you up to 3 inches of die separation without effecting shutheight adjustment, simplifying die inspection and tool maintenance.

Quick Die Change

The hydraulic withdrawl system allows you to lift the entire die assembly off the bolster for easy and fast die change.

Stuck-on-Bottom Recovery

The hydraulic withdrawl system allows you to raise the slide independent of position. This system makes it impossible to stick the press on bottom dead center.

Automatic Lubrication System

The automatic lubrication system incorporates fault detection for low lube levels and lube-point blockage. This guarantees proper lubrication to all system components.