Scotch Yoke Slide System

Exceptional Slide Accuracy



OAK Press Solutions patented scotch yoke slide system is designed to provide exceptional slide accuracy for the highest part quality and longest tooling life.

Features built into our slide consist of:

12 Point Guidance System:

The slide incorporates 12 gib bearings to provide maximum support. Gibs are located above and below the driving shaft. This allows us to maintain a slide to bolster parallelism better than 0.0005”

Anti-Friction Roller Bearings:

All gib bearings use anti-friction roller bearings for maximum life with no tolerance deterioration commonly seen with conventional gib bushings.

Zero Clearance Installation:

Gib bearings are installed with zero clearance.

Gib Placement:

Gib bearings are placed at extreme ends of the slide to provide maximum effective bearings areas.

Driving system:

Over 90% of the slide surface area is located between the driving points. This minimizes the effects of off center loading and gives die designers greater flexibility.