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OAK Press Solutions Inc. has built a worldwide reputation for high-quality, reliable, precision stamping presses. Our commitment to the future is to provide our customers with innovative solutions in a timely manner and at a fair price.

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Turnkey Solutions

OAK Press Solutions’ Integration Department includes a full-service engineering staff as well as equipment, tooling, and electrical technicians that are dedicated to providing complete turnkey punching systems.

Our integration service can help you reduce the cost, time, and risk that often comes with a new punching system by handling the system design, procurement, system integration, and testing of the new punching system.



World-Class Press Manufacturing

While we have machined, assembled, and tested all OAK Press Solutions Inc. systems at our facilities in Sturgis, Michigan in the U.S. since 1965, we are proud of the fact that OAK Press Solutions Inc.’s high-speed, precision presses can be found in over seventy countries around the world. In addition to our facilities in Sturgis, we also have technology centers in China, India, and the Czech Republic to support our continuously expanding global customer base.

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Running thin materials for laminations can be a challenge. That’s why the OAK Press press was designed with a zero clearance guidance system.



OAK Press Solutions Inc. presses are the industry standard in the HVAC market where large progressive tools are used to make air conditioner fins.



Perforating can be a slow process, but it does not have to be. At OAK Press Solutions Inc., we’ve helped customers improve their throughput drastically by using innovative solutions that are tailored to that customer’s needs.



OAK Press presses are used in a variety of electrical and electronic component manufacturing applications. The multi-point guidance systems provide superior slide accuracy and dynamically balanced slide minimizes vibrations.


BATTERY Industry

The CP Series press features a nearly square die area, (54” x 54”) and a 4-point drive system. These features make the press the ideal press for battery grid stamping.


HVAC Industry

Oak Press presses are the industry standard in the HVAC market where large progressive tools are used to make the air conditioner “fins.”