The History of OAK Press Solutions Inc.’s High-Speed Presses

Burr Oak Tool Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of special machinery used by the heating/air conditioning and heat transfer industry. For many years, Burr Oak Tool purchased presses from the leading US Press manufacturers to incorporate Burr Oak Tool’s Die and line equipment into a complete fin press line. It was evident in the early 1960s that the world’s best presses could not meet the exacting tolerances and accuracy that was required by Burr Oak Tool. Burr Oak Tool asked the leading press manufacturers to improve on their designs but the press world was not interested. So in 1965, Burr Oak Tool started a new company called Oak Products, Inc. to build the kind of close tolerance, high speed, precision presses that their industry demanded.

When word about the OAK press got out, it was not long before other stamping companies began to contact Oak Products about using their presses. Oak Products has supplied presses to the general stamping industry since their inception, but they were operated and managed as a captive department of Burr Oak Tool. In 2006, Oak Products unveiled their new management team and a new global strategy to expand their world class press manufacturing capabilities to the general stamping industry. The synergies between Oak Products and Burr Oak Tool have not changed. We still share engineering ideas, manufacturing technology, and a desire to be the best. We have taken our knowledge base and reputation of excellence gained from years of experience in the HVAC coil manufacturing industry, and applied it to the general stamping industry. Oak Products, Inc., with its new strategy, is announcing a new name to better describe what we can provide to our customers. Oak Products, Inc. will now be known as OAK Press Solutions Inc.