OAK's Precision Stamping Presses Offer Distinct Advantages

Every OAK Press Solutions press is equipped with a quick slide lift system. This system not only eliminates getting stuck on bottom, but it makes in press die maintenance possible.  If the operator needs to open the die farther than the stroke allows, they can flip a switch and raise the crown hydraulically. Once the operator lowers the crown they will be ready to run production immediately. No need to reset the shut height.

System Integration

Turnkey Solutions

OAK Press Solutions Inc. can provide complete turnkey system integration solutions. Our integration team will work closely with you to develop a customized solution that fits your application and your budget. We will set up and test the entire system at our facility before shipping to the production plant and one of our integration specialists will help commission the system at your facility to minimize startup time.

Integration Benefits:
  • Complete press line set up and testing
  • Single source for project
  • Guarantees compatibility of all components
  • Shortens timeline of project
  • Quicker return on investment
  • Lessen project risks

Slide Quick Lift

Hydraulic Withdrawal


This feature allows the operator to raise the crown and slide with the push of a button. Raising the slide an extra 200mm gives the operator the ability to fix jams, lace material, check tooling, and change tooling in the die without pulling the die out of the press. This feature also eliminates the chances of getting “stuck on bottom.” No more need to “bar” the press, reverse the drive motor, or loosen tie rods. This will save the operator, and maintenance hours of down time, and a lot of headache.

Guidance Systems

Exceptional Slide Accuracy

OAK Press Solutions Inc.’s patented scotch yoke slide system is designed to provide exceptional slide accuracy for the highest part quality and longest tooling life. Our guidance systems incorporate up to twelve gibs per slide assembly and zero clearance gib bearings.

Features Built Into Our Slide Consist Of:

The slide incorporates twelve gib bearings to provide maximum support. Gibs are located above and below the driving shaft which allows us to maintain a slide to bolster parallelism better than 0.0005”.

All gib bearings use anti-friction roller bearings for maximum life with no tolerance deterioration commonly seen with conventional gib bushings.

Gib bearings are installed with zero clearance.

Gib bearings are placed at extreme ends of the slide to provide maximum effective bearings areas.

Over 90% of the slide surface area is located between the driving points. This minimizes the effects of off center loading and gives die designers greater flexibility.

Drive Systems

Exceptional Precision with Minimal Friction

Engineered with an eccentric shaft and unique anti-friction roller bearings on all support and driving points, OAK Press Solutions’ drive systems ensure long life, minimal friction, and exceptional precision. While other presses use crankshafts and bronze bearings to drive their press slides, we know that eccentric shafts and anti-friction bearings are the better option.

Where a crankshaft is forged, machined, and ground as one part. An OAK Eccentric Shaft is made of multiple precision parts making it able to be easily rebuilt, whereas a crankshaft has to be completely replaced. OAK Presses having eccentric shafts will cut down on customers downtime when it comes to the point of replacement.

OAK’s anti-friction roller bearings have a grease system to lubricate the rollers, opposed to bronze bearings that require large amounts of filtered oil. There is no priming necessary for OAK’s roller bearings like there is for bronze bushings. If a bronze bushing ceases to get the oil necessary to run, it gets ruined in a matter of minutes. A greased OAK roller bearing however can run for days or weeks if it were to somehow run out of grease due to a pinched or clogged line.