CP Series: Four-Point Straight Side, High-Speed Press

120 to 160 tons. Speeds up to 400 SPM.

The OAK Press CP series features a nearly square die area, (54” x 54”). The double eccentric drive shafts and a 4-point drive system provide superior offset die loading capacity.

Design Features

Die Area

The large die area (54” x 54”) provides the opportunity to run large dies, or 2 dies simultaneously.

Offset Die Loading Capacity

The 4-point drive system provides slide parallelism when you have offset die loading.

Hydraulic Withdrawal

The hydraulic withdrawal system will give you up to eight inches of die separation without affecting shut height, simplifying die inspection and toll maintenance.

Stuck-On-Bottom Recovery

The hydraulic withdrawal system allows you to raise the slide independent of position.  This system makes it impossible to stick the press on bottom.


Technical Specifications

Download Specifications PDF


Technical Specifications

Download Specifications PDF