PP-400 Series Presses

45 tons. Speeds up to 1000 SPM.

OAK Press’ 400 series press is a single point press with a 30” x 30” bed. The main and eccentric roller bearings are specified and assembled with minimum operating clearances and generate significantly less friction and heat than bronze bearings. Eight large hydrostatic bearings are provided to maintain precise slide alignment with minimum operating clearance and no bearing surface contact.

Design Features

Guide System

The hydrostatic bearing system is a very robust guidance system, making off center loading possible with superior slide accuracy.

Hydraulic Withdrawal

The hydraulic withdrawal system will give you up to three inches of die separation without affecting shut height, simplifying die inspection and tool maintenance.

Stuck-On-Bottom Recovery

The hydraulic withdrawal system allows you to raise the slide independent of position.  This system makes it impossible to stick the press on bottom.

PP-400 Series

PP-400 Series
Technical Specifications

SPM: 1000
Press Capacity: 45 tons
Stroke Length: 3″ max

Press Models Include:

  • PP-400

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